Post Doctoral Fellow – EMBL Roma

Posizione di Postdoctoral fellow presso l’EMBL di Roma che si dovrà occupare del progetto Brain Epigenome Project; sotto una beve descrizione.

La scadenza per la candidatura è il 31 Marzo. Maggiori info qui

 The project will use viral-mediated gene and neural activity perturbations in the living mouse brain coupled to cell-type specific transcriptome and epigenome analysis to understand the role of zinc finger transcription factors in cell-type specific gene regulation.
The fellow should have a proven track record in molecular biology (DNA cloning, isolation of cells from tissue, immunoprecipitation, flow cytometry) and in vivo animal experimentation (husbandry, genotyping, surgery, stereotactic injection). The candidate should have excellent communication and collaboration skills.
Please note that we will consider applications interested to work either full or part-time. Project funding is secured for three years.