Borse di Studio ICLAS per Veterinari che lavorano nellambito di Scienze e Medicina degli Animali da in Laboratorio

The ICLAS Scholarship Program for Veterinarians in Laboratory Animal Science and Medicine offers scholarships to veterinarians to complete specified training programs. The scholarships are focused especially to veterinarians who live in areas without access to training and who lack the necessary funds.
This year, ICLAS offers six scholarships in this programme. We plan to offer one scholarship to the best qualified candidate in each ICLAS region (Oceania, Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas) and one scholarship to the next best qualified candidate.
The scholarship award is for 2/3 the total costs, up to maximum of ?6,000.
You will find further information and application form  in our website:
Please, notice that the applicant should have already been provisionally accepted on one of the programs accredited by the scholarship program.  See info to the applicants in the website.
The applications are due by February 15, 2021.